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They say it takes 21-days to create a habit, and I know that my biggest transformation years ago began with a 21-day commitment that totally changed my life. This is also true for many of my clients.

In 2020, I have worked with numerous clients who have said, "Dr. Shannon, the quarantine 15 is REAL!!" and they were READY to put in the WORK to transform not only their bodies, but their spirit, mind and habits as well.

Fall is rapidly approaching and in this new season, it's the perfect time to "fall into new healthy habits". Join us!


Choose your 21- days between September 8-October 8 and COMMIT to doing 3 things:

  1. 21 minutes of walking

  2. 21 minutes of reading or listening to personal development

  3. Taking your 2 detox products


That’s it!


Every challenger will do 2 things:

  1. Pay $21 that will go into the CASH REWARD (the more challengers, the bigger the pot; Send the $21 via Cash app to $DrSTH put "21-day challenge" in the memo)

  2. Order their detox kit from


Contest rules:

  1. Post DAILY in the FB accountability group sharing proof that you did all 3 things & BE CONSISTENT for the entire 21 days

  2. *To get more tickets in the raffle, invite a friend or 2, or 3. For every one you invite, you will have more tickets added to the raffle to increase your chance of winning


On day 22 I will draw the name of the winner!! The WINNER could be YOU!!! Good luck!!

Challenge benefits:

1. Virtual Gatherings - in FB Rooms

2. Recipe sharing

3. Accountability

4. Support

5. Success - tools

6. Fun

Check out these ladies' transformations!! The next one could be YOU!! JOIN NOW!!!

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