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You want to live a healthy and purposeful life. You're ready to start your transformation journey, but every new adventure requires a trustworthy guide. Everybody needs a coach to go with them and a mentor to show the way. I'm that coach!

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The T.R.Y. Again 21 Day Transformation Devotional is an interactive book designed to help you navigate your personal, spiritual, mental, and physical transformation. Each day, for 21 days, you will read a personal story of transformation and be guided through a process of self-reflection that will help you to discover and eliminate the self-sabotaging mindset that keeps you from adopting and maintaining a holistic and healthy life--in spirit, mind, and body. There are over 4 hours of coaching included in this program that is sure to help challenge you to dig deep and grow!


My mission is to help you learn to coach yourself and to ask yourself those hard questions that will challenge you to stretch and grow. If you are ready to transform your life, let's T.R.Y. Again, together!

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Dr. Shannon is enthusiastic, heartfelt, genuine and highly effective. Her passion for holistic care keeps her clients engaged and excited about renewing themselves.... mind, body and spirit.

— S. Goode, Virginia Beach, VA